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Inca Hoots: Discovering the Amazon with Our Feathered Guides

Inca Hoots: Discovering the Amazon with Our Feathered Guides Content Outline: Introduction: Introduce the amusing concept of “Inca Hoots” with the owl image to capture interest. Main Body: Discuss the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest, emphasizing its mystical allure and the unique wildlife, particularly focusing on the local owl species. Tie in the cultural significance of owls in local folklore and their role in the ecosystem. Segue into highlighting Deliberately Delightful Tours’ exclusive Amazon Rainforest packages, emphasizing sustainable tourism and…

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Introducing Hazmat Hijinks: Gamified Safety Training

Why is it called a HAZMAT? In the fast-paced world of mobile gaming, finding a captivating and innovative game can be a thrilling experience. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to “Hazmat Hijinks,” a popular bit-wise game that promises hours of entertainment and challenge. But beyond its addictive gameplay, “Hazmat Hijinks” carries a deeper significance, tying back to safety and operations training in unexpected ways.   Unveiling Hazmat Hijinks: “Hazmat Hijinks” takes players on a journey through hazardous environments where…

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Elevating Air Traffic Safety: The TCAS2 Project Journey

Title: Innovative Solutions for Air Traffic Safety: The TCAS2 Project Excerpt: “In collaboration with leading aviation partners, Internet Geopardy embarked on the TCAS2 project, aiming to revolutionize air traffic safety through advanced collision avoidance technology. Our team leveraged cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning algorithms to enhance the system’s predictive capabilities, ensuring timely and accurate threat assessments. The project not only showcased our technical prowess in software engineering and data science but also our commitment to contributing to significant advancements…

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Indigenous Geomining: A Game-Changer for Technology and Energy Sectors

  Indigenous Geomining: A Game-Changer for Technology and Energy Sectors Understanding Indigenous Geomining Indigenous geomining refers to the extraction and processing of geological materials by indigenous communities using traditional and sustainable methods. This approach not only respects the ecological balance but also ensures the protection of indigenous rights and heritage. Relevance in the Computer and Tech Industries In the realm of computer and technology industries, indigenous geomining is becoming increasingly significant. The tech industry heavily relies on rare earth metals…

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Internet Geopardy, LLC is a technology company.

Who Are We?

At INTERNET GEOPARDY, we are a diverse team of experts – mathematicians, software engineers, data scientists, and digital marketing strategists. We excel in navigating the complexities of the digital world, harnessing the power of advanced technology to meet today’s digital challenges. Our core mission revolves around enhancing digital security, combating cyber threats, and promoting a stable and secure internet environment.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. We are pioneers in integrating cutting-edge digital marketing with our deep knowledge in software development, data analytics, and engineering. Our strategies leverage the strengths of SEO, geospatial intelligence, and IoT integration to craft innovative marketing solutions. This unique blend enables us to optimize supply chain processes, ensuring that your message not only reaches but resonates with the right audience, exactly when and where it matters most.

Our brand is a testament to our commitment to innovation, embodying the synergy between technology and marketing. At INTERNET GEOPARDY, we deliver comprehensive solutions that safeguard your digital presence while driving impactful, measurable marketing results.


Our mission at INTERNET GEOPARDY is to drive transformative growth for businesses, forging strong brand connections, and delivering exceptional outcomes in the digital space. We specialize in a multidisciplinary approach that unites targeted digital marketing with the precision of technological innovation.

Utilizing the prowess of SEO, coupled with the insights provided by geospatial data analysis, we position your brand for maximum visibility and engagement. Our approach goes beyond traditional marketing; we leverage IoT technology to create bespoke, interactive consumer experiences. From smart homes to wearables, we ensure your brand is part of the evolving digital narrative.

Our expertise in data science and analytics empowers us to identify and target specific market segments with unprecedented accuracy. We use this insight to tailor your marketing campaigns, ensuring maximum relevance and impact. Our commitment to geospatial intelligence allows us to understand and exploit market dynamics, providing localized and contextually relevant marketing strategies.

Moreover, our solutions encompass the optimization of supply chain efficiency. By refining these processes, we not only enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns but also contribute to operational cost savings and improved customer experiences. Our last-mile marketing strategies are designed to ensure prompt and efficient delivery, elevating the end-user experience.

At INTERNET GEOPARDY, we invite you to experience the power of integrated digital marketing and technological expertise. Join us in reshaping your digital strategy, seizing new opportunities, and achieving unparalleled success in the digital era.


Here's me at Google in 2015: Women Techmakers

©@marykslong Mary Long at Google Women TechMakers, California - Mountain View, at the 2015 #GoogleWTM Ambassadors Event.
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